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Promoting Polymathic Careers and Lifestyles

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The Polymath discussion group

The Polymath: It's not really the Information Age, it's the Knowledge Age. Information is nothing more than a raw material, an unrefined ore. In the future the most valuable productive activity will be refining this ore and from it extracting knowledge and understanding. People knowledgeable in many subjects, Polymaths, will be the new elite. They will be the ones with the knowledge and training necessary to extract the most precious knowledge.

Third Millennium discussion group

Third Millennium: The Third Millennium is here. So is the Information Age. Will tomorrow be like today, only more so? Or do we have a fundamental societal and cultural upheaval in our near future. Populations entering the Information Age are experiencing cultural fragmentation. This is causing a crisis of values differentiation. Will it boil over? Or will we find ways to accommodate it? Join in the discussion or just listen in for the latest news.

Before the Flood discussion group

Before the Flood: Is there a lost civilization just waiting to be found? The scientific evidence is mounting in support of the hypothesis. API's Paleosociology Project brings new evidence to bear on the question, suggesting that our DNA contains the fingerprints of ancient agriculture and possibly civilization. The Archeology paradigm may be on the verge of a major shift. Join in the discussion or just listen in for the latest news.

Being Human discussion group

Being Human: What are humans like and how did we get this way? We are a product of our culture and our evolutionary history. But what part of human nature is which? Using a polymathic technique, the American Polymathic Institute's Paleosociology project is finding surprising new insights about why we are the way we are. Join in the discussion or just listen in for the latest news.

Omnispiritualism discussion group

Omnispiritualism: Is there a religious framework that is generally consistent with both Western and Eastern religious traditions and is not inconsistent with science or philosophy? Some of us think so. Come challenge it or believe it. Either way, you are welcome to join in.

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