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The Third Millennium

Opportunities in the Information Age

Welcome to the Third Millennium Newsletter. There is a saying that 'knowledge is power.' We heartily agree. Furthermore, knowledge, especially knowledge of the near future, is money. If you are a deal maker, an investor or an entrepreneur with a strong desire to build wealth and income while making a difference in the world, subscribe to the Third Millennium Newsletter today. Through the Newsletter and our related links, you will learn about the future. You will learn about the many opportunities it presents.

We aren't going to be coy. This newsletter is intended to attract members to the Third Millennium Project. Over the past several years our research associates have developed powerful tools to understand the underlying forces that will shape the Information Age. In order to fully capitalize upon our research results, we are going to require an affiliation with literally thousands of entrepreneurs, investors and deal makers.


Some of the opportunities are very large and will require experienced players. Most of them, however, are smaller and are perfect for individuals with some business experience and a strong desire to work in their own enterprise. Through the Third Millennium Project you will be able to build a management team, have access to inexpensive consultative services and when you are ready, access to investors.


We all know that the route to high risk-adjusted rates of returns over the long-term is to buy into a successful enterprise at the Private Placement. By the time it reaches IPO, it frequently has been fully valued and first day pops, as often as not, are first day poops. While no one can guarantee success in the Private Placement market, the enterprises formed by the Third Millennium Project will at a minimum have sound fundamentals based upon superior knowledge of futurity. It could very well be the edge you need. Even if you aren't interested in the Private Placement market, subscribing to The Third Millennium will give you valuable insight into the forces at work in many industries.

Investment Bankers and Deal Makers

You make money by bringing together entrepreneurs and investors. This is one more place to do it. Over time, our investors and entrepreneurs will become educated on the Third Millennium Project. They will understand the evolutionary forces at work in society and will understand why each deal will have a competitive edge. We won't say that we will be handing you deals on a silver platter, but we are confident that the potential is great.

If you are a person of intelligence, vision, and drive, and you are willing to apply these attributes to a productive activity, the Third Millennium Project is a significant opportunity for you. The American Polymathic Institute, through its Third Millennium Project, is doing some of the most sophisticated Future Studies research in the world. We are polymathic scientists. Our goal is to understand the future and we are far ahead of the curve. If your goal is to capitalize upon that knowledge, we can forge a mutually profitable affiliation.

Abstracts of Articles

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What If There Were 2,000 Television Networks?

High speed Internet access holds the potential to create nearly unlimited television viewing options on demand. Why let the broadcast schedule control your schedule? Download your favorite shows 24/7! How do video rental stores survive when people can download any movie, any time, for less money? There are never any out of stocks and never any late fees! High speed Internet access will profoundly transform the entertainment industry. However, it has implications reaching far beyond that. Soon, any small group with a vision and a message will be able to distribute a television show globally. What will they say? How will people react? How can you capitalize on it?

What If You Could Live Anywhere?

One morning you wake up and realize that you could live anywhere. Your job is anywhere there is an Internet connection. Although you have friends locally, you also have friends all over the world; people you have met through work, in Discussion Groups, Internet Games, Chat Rooms or Online Classes. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Polls suggest that 70% of us would choose to not live in a large, densely populated metropolitan area. This strongly suggests that over the next ten years or so, as the Internet frees an ever increasing percentage of us from the geographic restrictions imposed by work, industrialized nations will experience massive demographic shifts. Simply knowing how and where people will live is worth $3,000 to $30,000 per family!

Leonardo: The Global Village Finally Arrives!

Every time you log on to the Internet, you are just one e-mail away from over 300,000,000 people. The technology of the global village is in place. It is only lacking organization. However, the people of the Internet, through their progressively more sophisticated e-mail habits, are causing the Internet to self-organize. The Internet is in the process of spontaneously transforming into a neural net. Soon, through discussion groups, newsletters and e-mail forwarding networks, the Internet will begin to behave intelligently. It will sift through its more than 30 billion web pages and send you just the ones that interest you. It will know which of those 300 million people you want to meet and will introduce you to them. It isn't immediately apparent, but this will cause a profound change in the very structure of civilization and change the way we do business.

Michael Ferguson
Executive Director
American Polymathic Institute


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