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Michael Ferguson


Mr. Ferguson is Principal Researcher for the American Polymathic Institute's Third Millennium Project. He brings a blend of both scientific and business expertise to the Third Millennium Project. In science, he has worked on the Apollo and Skylab projects and has spent the last 5 years engaged in polymathic research. On the business side, he has been a small business owner, a Director of Strategic Planning for a diversified energy company and headed a Merger/Acquisition/New Venture Analysis department.

Nadezhda Nikitina


Ms. Nikitina is Associate Researcher for the Third Millennium Project. She also has blended science and business in her career. She holds a graduate degree in Optical Engineering and worked on the Soviet Space program. For the past five years she has held several positions in Financial Analysis and Economics. She will receive her second graduate degree, this one in Economics, in June 2002.

Mark Staton


Mr. Staton is Associate Researcher for the Third Millennium Project. He is has held many positions in his career, ranging from radiology to computer programming.. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and has worked for several years as a Project Manager in Information Services for several companies. He is founder of Omnispiritualism, an Information Age religious movement. With Ms. Nikitina he is involved in monte carlo simulations and computer modeling of bifurcating systems.


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