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Michael Ferguson


A New "Science Friendly" Religion?

What is God? What is a soul? Are souls immortal? Is there reincarnation? What really happens when I die? Who was Jesus? Am I saved? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in Omnispiritualism.

Omnispiritualism provides a new perspective and framework for spirituality. If you have unanswered questions, you may find some surprising insights in it. The fundamental principles are not incompatible with our scientific knowledge. Omnispiritualism also resolves contradictions that have plagued Philosophers for centuries. Furthermore, adherents find Omnispiritualism a comforting belief system.

Although the topics presented here are slanted toward questions most likely to be of concern to Christians, Omnispiritualism has answers for people of all faiths as well as agnostics. We believe that all major religions contain spiritual truths. Therefore we will maintain a respectful discussion environment so that all will feel welcome.


The Basics of Omnispiritualism

What is God?

God is composed of a vast collection of conscious souls. Your soul is one of them. It is like a single cell in God's 'body.' God's consciousness arose from the interaction of a vast number of the most powerful souls comprising His body. When souls become part of God's mind, they do not lose their own self awareness.

What is a soul?

A soul is an amount of spiritual energy capable of sustaining an independent consciousness. Souls have free will within the system God created. Some souls seek to learn and grow in order to move closer to God's center. One way to learn is to attach to a living being and experience its life. As you read this, your soul is experiencing it with you. Your soul and your consciousness are one.

Is the soul immortal?

Your soul is immortal as long as it remains part of God. If it freely chooses to leave God, there is a chance it can be lost forever.

Is there reincarnation?

Yes and no. Your body will eventually die, but your soul may choose to experience another life. This is a matter of free will. Some souls never choose to experience a life, and others experience many lives. There is no guarantee that the experience will be beneficial; it is a risk. Souls that experience lives first hand, rather than through sharing thoughts with other souls, tend to learn and grow more quickly.

What really happens when I die?

God does not reside in Heaven, God is Heaven. Your soul is part of God. So, when you die, you do not need to go Heaven because your soul is already there. When the connection between your soul and your mind is broken, you will 'wake up'. You will go through a reconciliation phase with other souls who are significant to you. Then you will begin to remember your previous lives, if any, and also your previous experiences in Heaven. You will either move closer to God's center, move farther away, or stay at the same level. The important point is that all the souls on your level are just like you, according to God's measure. Where you end up depends on whether you have actually changed. Any particular actions you did or did not do in this life will not matter if you do not change as a result.


Note from the Executive Director, American Polymathic Institute

This Discussion Group is co-sponsored by Omnispiritualism and Polymathica. Consequently, it has a dual purpose. Whether you wish to explore Omnispiritualism as a personal belief system, or you want to discuss it as a cultural phenomenon or how it relates to issues in science and philosophy, you are welcome to join in.

Michael Ferguson


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