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The Polymath Discussion Group

Welcome to The Polymath Discussion Group. It's a place where lifelong learners with far ranging interests can meet, get to know each other and decide if they want to become members of Polymathica.

The dictionary defines a polymath as someone knowledgeable in many subjects. We use the term a little bit differently. We consider a polymath someone who is interested in and learning about many subjects. We don't focus on the current state of that knowledge base. As you've no doubt noticed, our culture isn't exactly accommodating of the polymathic lifestyle. So many of us want to know far more than we do. Personally, I've decided that I am going to learn everything or die trying. I know I'm going to fail, but that's fine. Sometimes it really is the journey and not the destination.

At the core of a polymathic personality is an unrestrained curiosity -- about nearly everything. They don't learn in order to procure a degree. They don't learn to get a better job. They don't learn so that they can impress other people with their knowledge. They learn because they are curious. They want to know. No matter how pragmatic the popular culture might be about learning, the polymathic personality cherishes knowledge for its own sake.

First and foremost, Polymathica is a social organization -- a community of like minded people. Its a place to meet other polymathic lifelong learners online and off-line. However, we have our serious side too. We are working on creating more 'polymath friendly' career options.

We are told that in order to succeed in life we have to specialize. This was definitely true in the Industrial Age. But now its the Information Age. The more information you have, the better. Right? The Information Age is going to be the Age of the Polymath. Right now only a few percent of people can even define polymath. Yet our time has come. We are the future. In the Information Age, the most valuable people will be those who can bring together information from many fields and from it create knowledge and understanding, in science, business and government.

If this letter resonates with you, join The Polymath Discussion Group. Give yourself the opportunity to learn more about what the American Polymathic Institute and Polymathica are doing to create opportunities in polymathic research, education, careers and lifestyles. At the very least, you'll meet some very interesting people. Our vision is an enormous undertaking. But, as they say, the longest journey must still begin with a first step. In this case, the first step for you is to join The Polymath Discussion Group. Its free and its easy.

We hope to see you around. We look forward to getting to know you.

Michael Ferguson

PS. Oh, by the way, we have several other open discussion groups focusing on polymathic research areas. Take a look at them and join, if they interest you.

Note: This discussion group is open to all. Please pass this link on to anyone you think might be interested.


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