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The Third Millennium Project

"We are not an Information Age Civilization. We are an Industrial Age Civilization using Information Age tools. Soon the Global Information Age Civilization will arrive and everything will change. A few people with intelligence, drive and vision will create this future. Many more will understand it and take advantage of the opportunities. Most, however, will be caught completely off guard. To which group do you want to belong?"

Michael Ferguson
Principal Researcher
The Third Millennium Project


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No updates have been received on further development of The Third Millennium Project.


It's great to have you aboard! By joining the Third Millennium Project, you will be associating with some of the most capable people in the world. Together we will make great things happen!

Benefits of Membership

The Future 101

With your first year membership in the Third Millennium Project, you will receive a free online college level course that will give you a comprehensive understanding of the coming transformation from an Industrial Age Civilization using Information Age tools to a full blown, Global Information Age Civilization. Upon completion of the course, you will not only understand what the future will look like, you will understand why.

The Polymath

You will be given complete access to the Research Associates of The American Polymathic Institute. We are constantly scouring the Internet searching for and recruiting the smartest, most visionary people in the world who are studying science, technology, human nature, society and the near future. It is more difficult to become a Research Associate with the American Polymathic Institute than it is to get into MIT or CalTech. We are only searching for the best. They are an explosion of ideas on how YOU can capitalize on the coming Information Age Civilization. Our Research Associates are the idea people. Those of you who become members of the Third Millennium Project will turn these ideas into reality to our mutual profit.

Entrepreneurial Affiliation

The Third Millennium Project is creating a network of entrepreneurs who want to capitalize upon the knowledge derived from the research activities of the American Polymathic Institute. Perhaps you are a person with an idea and you need to build an organization to turn your idea into a reality. Perhaps you are a person with valuable skills, talents or contacts and you are looking for an organization that can use them productively. Either way, your Third Millennium Project membership will provide you with ready access to affiliates, associates, skill and knowledge base and capital.

E-mail and Discussion Group Access

In the Information Age the most valuable commodity will be the ability to talk to a large group of people who are interested in what you have to say. As a member of the Third Millennium Project, you will be given access to our ever growing network of e-mail lists for your approved projects and enterprises. This includes 8 discussion groups, two newsletters, Polymathica, a social organization for lifelong learners and the Leonardo Project, a large group of volunteers building a neural net of e-mail folders. Because each member of the Third Millennium Project promotes these e-mail lists, they will quickly become very large. We are anticipating over 1,000,000 names over the next two years.


Now you have a decision to make

Are you willing to risk $50 on your future success? There are, of course, no guarantees. Opportunities are what you make of them. However, $50 is a very small amount to try it out for a year. If you are a person of intelligence, vision and drive, it could very well be the best investment you ever make. So... are you ready to affiliate with some of the smartest, most visionary people in the world?

For more information on The Third Millennium Project, please contact Michael Ferguson at [old inactive address deleted].


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