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Looking for a particular style of music or music from a particular decade?  Crossroads Quick Picks lists songs in 30 categories to give you ideas for songs and remind you of old favorites.

Go to Duets for songs with color-coded lyrics for two or more singers.  Show Tunes and Standards are included under Artist: S. For a quick view of the latest additions to the song book, go to New Songs.

NEW -- The Teen Song List is a larger Quick Picks list for older teens, young adults, and others interested in more recent pop hits.  It contains most of the current and 90ís alternative, pop, rap, hip-hop, and metal in the main Crossroads song book.  It also contains a small selection of jazz, songs from movies and TV, retro titles (80ís pop, new wave, headbangers), and a few moldy oldies.  You can browse this list by artist or by title.

The on-line song book does not include numbers, which makes each page load faster.  If you'd like to know if we have a specific version of your song, please e-mail us.



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