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Songs Mom Wouldn't Let You Sing
(The 888 List)

Because these songs are inappropriate for some audiences, 
we generally won't bring them to a show unless requested by the host.

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General & NC17 Disk

August & The Spur of the Moment Band -- The I-95 Asshole Song

Bell, Benny -- Shaving Cream

Berlin -- Sex (I'm A ...)

Berry, Chuck -- My Ding-A-Ling

Bloodhound Gang -- Bad Touch (Male Duet)

Bloudhound Gang -- Bad Touch (Male Solo)

Buffet, Jimmy -- Why Don't We Get Drunk

Carter, Clarence -- Strokin'

Dirty Polka Band -- Dirty Polka (M/F Duet)

Dirty Polka Band -- Dirty Polka (Male Solo)

Divinyls -- I Touch Myself

Fools -- Life Sucks Then You Die

Lane, Tom -- Doughnut Song

Leary, Dennis -- Asshole

Lee, Garry -- Rodeo Song

Nails -- 88 Lines About 44 Women

Peters, Red -- Blow Me

Peters, Red -- How's Your Whole Family

Stern, Howard & The Dust Brothers -- Tortured Man

Vannett, Connie -- Pussycat Song

Walker, Jerry Jeff -- Pissin' in the Wind

Wallis, Ruth -- You've Gotta Have Boobs

South Park Disk

2 Live Crew, The -- Me So Horny

Cartman, Eric -- Come Sail Away

Chef & Meatloaf -- Tonight Is Right For Love With Merideth

Chef -- Chocolate Salty Balls (PS I Love You)

Chef -- Love Gravy

Chef -- No Substitute/Oh Kathy Lee

Chef -- Simultaneous

Elton John -- Wake Up Wendy

Eric Cartman -- Kyles Mom's A Bitch

Master P -- Kenny's Dead

Ned Gerblansky -- Feel Like Makin' Love

Nine Inch Nails -- Closer

Sandler, Adam -- Pice Of St. Car

Sandler, Adam -- What The Hell Happened To Me

Wycliff -- Bubblegoose


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