Make Your Party Sing!

Why Karaoke?

Karaoke provides entertainment that actively engages your guests.

Singing is fun, plain and simple!

A karaoke party provides a wide variety of music styles.  Whether you're listening, dancing, or singing along, you're likely to hear a few of your favorites.

First-time singers are often delighted by how good they sound with the voice effects provided by a professional karaoke system.  They'll want to try it again!

You can sing a duet with someone special, sing a golden oldie for Grandma, show off your Sinatra voice, or rock the house!  Even little ones can join in with our children's standards.

The Crossroads Song Book

Our song book contains over 4,200 unique songs, ranging from World War II favorites to the most recent hits.  

Our exclusive Quick Picks List provides a small selection of songs arranged in 30 categories, by genre and date, for quick browsing. Our Duets List contains over 70 songs with color-coded lyrics especially for duets.

Tell your guests about our web site.  The web song book is provided as a courtesy to you and your guests.  Many may prefer to preview the book and get ideas for songs before your event, rather than browse the book there.

The printed Song Book is formatted for easy browsing.  We can also provide a large print book.

Wedding?  Holiday?  Birthday?  Retirement?  Retro?

Crossroads Karaoke provides a complete, stand-alone system for your party. Our high-quality equipment makes your guests sound their best, for an enjoyable evening for performers and audience as well.

Your karaoke host will bring everything needed for a successful show, including song books and request slips.

Crossroads Karaoke offers shows primarily in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Prices vary, based on length of show, location, and add-on services.  We emphasize the fun of singing, and make all of your guests feel welcome to give it a try.

   We can work with you to enhance the theme of 
   your party.

  • Personalized Quick Picks List -- Select 
    your favorites from our catalog, or request 
    a list of songs based on a particular theme, style of music, or decade.

  • Song book covers and song request slips 
    can be tailored to your theme.

  • Your favorite song isn't listed? We are continually updating our collection. We 
    can search for it, and may
    be able to 
    add it before your party.

For more information, please call or send e-mail:

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