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View and share information on karaoke shows in the Minneapolis area.  Go to and click on Join Group.


Places to Buy Discs in the Minneapolis Area (or on the Web)  -- Karaoke Tonite in Maple Grove, MN.  Downloadable song list.  Stop by and listen before you buy.  KJ discount on selected discs.  -- Groth Music in Bloomington, MN.  General music store, with a good selection of karaoke discs.


Places to Buy Discs on the Web

There are many, but these are some we've bought from, and recommend:  -- The easiest song and artist search we've found, and great sale prices.  -- Easy search, good prices, plus a downloadable database. Free shipping!  -- Easy search, wide selection, create your own disks (Priddis songs).  -- Wide variety of disks and formats. They also sell discs from the original DK 1-99 series individually.


Other places we've heard good things about:  -- TSC Karaoke  -- Desert Diamond Karaoke  -- Create your own disks from their library of karaoke songs (Music Maestro).


Disc Manufacturer Sites

These are only those where you can actually browse for and buy discs. You'll often get better prices by going to the general karaoke sites above, though.  -- Sound Choice. Request songs you'd like to see on future discs.  -- Sunfly  -- Priddis  -- Pocket Songs  -- Music with missing voices and instruments  -- Music Maestro


Other Karaoke Sites

JOLT Karaoke Forum -- A very active forum offering discussions for singers and KJ's. Go to and click on JOLT.  -- Uncle Wally gives you tips on how to improve your singing. -- Karaoke Scene Magazine and discussion forum.


Misc. Sites  -- Satellite views.  See your neighborhood from the sky.  -- Search by lyrics to find the name of a song.  -- A particularly good search engine for the web.  -- Click to donate food (free), distributed by the United Nations World Food Program. -- What it says.  Interesting site to browse. -- The Alternative Dictionary, including dozens of languages.  Words you might not want to say, but might want to know when they've been said. -- Satellite photos of the world at night.

Confutatis Maledictis Microsoftus -- Funny musical slip in a Microsoft ad. -- About teenage brains.


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