Notes on page updates

The API archive site was on old pages made with various programs. In 2008, all pages were streamlined.

During March 2008, several temporary pages were placed on the site (while learning the basics of css). In April, final new pages were published.


Changes Made

Pages converted to simple html (aiming at 4.01 transitional) with a few css additions (saving space, faster loading).

Invalid links to articles are noted. If you click on an article link that was not valid at the time of conversion, you will be sent to a note stating the original link address. If the page was found on the Wayback Machine, a link is provided to it so the reader may find the article. (API articles were written in 2001.)

An index of all articles on the site was added. Link is in main contents.

Some graphics were modified. Buttons to join discussion groups were deleted. A link is provided if the discussion group still exists. Invalid affiliate links were deleted.

The articles on the site remain the same. Except for correcting a few typographical errors, no editing was done. A few blocks asking people to join or giving outdated contact information were removed.

Tested on Mozilla Firefox 2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Pages were redesigned. To view thumbnails of original pages, click here.